Facts and Questions

What is the difference between Favorites list and Bucketlist? Favorites are dishes you have tried before. Bucketlist is a list of dishes you want to try in the future.
When I type in a city to search, I do not see the city I want from the auto complete options The search will start to show auto complete options after 3 letters have been typed. The options shown for autocomplete are limited to cities where food entries exist. If you do not see your city, you can be the first person to add a dish there.
Does it cost anything for Restaurants to post dishes or drinks? The site is free to use for everyone. There is no cost. Anyone that signs up for an account, can post food and drinks.
How can I post a dish on social media? Simply view the dish, copy the link, and paste it into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+ we automatically add special meta tags to create a nice display for you. If you provide a description to the dish, this will also be visible in a social media post.
Do I have to write a long review in order to post the dish? No, you do not have to write a review. You simply provide the location, business name, food name, meal type, and dish type. Everything else is optional.
Can I search on multiple criteria? Initially you can only search on city. We are working on adding multiple criteria search such as meal type, cuisine, diet, allergy, etc
I found a bug, or I have a suggestion, how do I contact you? At the bottom of each page, there is a Share Your Opinion link you can use to contact us.